Friday, May 8, 2009

CA forester ~ 05/08/09 ~ Pinnacles

Lepidoptera > Noctuidae > Agaristinae
(larva feed on elegant clarkia)

This initially stumped me. Since it was flying during the day and mud-puddling, I assumed it was a spread-winged skipper. Unfortunately, my pic isn't clear enough to show the antennal structure. I couldn't find it in my newly purchased Butterflies through Binoculars: The West by Jeffrey Glassberg (c) 2001. However, it looked so familiar to me that I pulled out all of my insect books and flipped through the plates. I finally found it in my 1908 edition of The Moth Book by W. J. Holland (c) 1903.

ps 05/23/14 - I'm giving my copy of The Moth Book to Paul Johnson at Pinnacles for all his help during my 2014 Prep Year LTBM Pinnacles project.

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