Saturday, January 1, 2011

index: plant families

labels last updated: 11/12/14
For the most updated list, please see my complete index to Nature ID page.

Initially, I often used the Angiosperm Phylogeny Group (APG I, II, and III) that is regularly used on Wikipedia.  As of May 2012, I started using the continually updated Jepson eFlora, which I believe is closely based on the 2012 2nd edition of The Jepson Manual.  It may be an unending task to switch over as I add flowers, double check their current family status, and update older posts.  This work-in-progress list should not be used as any sort of finalized reference.

Common names below link to all Nature ID posts for featured plant families.  I've cross-referenced common names when appropriate.  Scientific names forward to Jepson eFlora Dichotomous Keys to Genera in Families (if available) or Jepson eFlora Taxon pages (JeFT).  If you know a scientific family name and do not see its common name, use your browser's find function with the scientific name.  Number of entries from the last update are in parentheses. 

(see also index: plants)

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