Wednesday, June 3, 2009

scrub-jay ~ 06/03/09 ~ at home

white western scrub-jay
Aphelocoma californica

I saw this bird two early mornings before the sun came up around our place. A western scrub-jay was closely following it. It doesn't have the dark wings of a northern mockingbird, but I've never seen a white-colored scrub-jay before, either.

ps 05/18/12 - For the past few months, Andy and I have seen a bird like this one hanging out near Dewey St., Central Ave., and Sloat Ave. It's always being followed by one or two very blue-colored western scrub-jays. I got a close look one evening, and it's definitely a light colored scrub-jay. I would have had a picture, but an EMT friend happened to pull up in her ambulance to say "Hi!" I hope to see both her and the white bird again.

pss 01/20/14 - As I was looking for something else, I came across Don Roberson's 2012 highlights including a leucistic western scrub-jay.  Aha!

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