Monday, July 6, 2009

willet and killdeer ~ 07/06/09 ~ Elkhorn Slough

We saw this old interpretive sign (I still don't understand the need to graffiti) and tried to keep our eyes out for the California clapper rail, a state endangered and federally endangered subspecies.

possible California clapper rail
possible Rallus longirostris obsoletus

We spotted a bird that looked just like the sign, complete with grass and everything! So we got excited. Unfortunately, we saw a bird take flight from behind the grass and it had the distinctive flashy black and white wing pattern of the willet. We're not sure if it was the same bird or two different birds in the same area.

willet & killdeer
Catoptrophorus semipalmatus & Charadrius vociferus

On our return trip, we were positive about these IDs.


NatureStop said...

Nice post!

midlands birder said...

if in the uk got a willet and a killdeer within a few feet of each other,or on there own there would be a mega twitch.over 'the pond' we believe you lucky with the species you get but i guess you feel the same about us with our species.

Nature ID said...

Thanks for the comments! LOL! I sometimes forget how incredible the local wildlife is here. Am grateful for the reminder! I need to get out more ;)