Thursday, March 4, 2010

world of thumbnails

I'm changing my standard photo order on Nature ID so that the closeup pic(s) is first and then followed by any distance shots. I'm doing this because I realized I often click on my blogroll based on an intriguing photo... and I'd like to entice you to do just the same for Nature ID. I had originally posted the opposite order, because like when hiking, you first see something far away and then you try to get closer; I thought that was natural, but it doesn't work well in the world of blogs and thumbnails.

I'm still looking for a flower ID book that shows both photos of closeups and distance shots - Hello? Anyone up for the challenge? Or how about this - a roadside flower ID book, based on what you see doing 55 mph?

ps 07/01/10 - Yes! Somebody else is thinking along the same lines with roadside flowers. Check out A Passion for Nature.


John W. Wall said...

"Weeds of the West"

Nature ID said...

Thanks, John! I'll keep an eye out for the book. I always like looking inside before purchasing.