Sunday, May 23, 2010

habitat ~ 05/23/10 ~ Jacks Peak County Park

May 23, 2010

I haven't given Jacks Peak enough coverage on Nature ID. It's a quiet, local gem with incredible views from all sides. The third picture above is looking toward the southern curvy part of the Monterey Bay, Seaside, the airport, and the scary, honkin' huge, new development (on the right, that sandy area is merely the road that's going in!). One hill over, you can see downtown Monterey and the 3 local piers. Around that trail loop you can see Carmel and Point Lobos on the other side. Click on the link above for Jacks Peak to see additional pictures. This park is only a couple minutes from home and there are several not well-known trails that lead up to the Peak. I admit we rarely pay and park in the official parking lot at the top (shown in the distance in the last photo), since getting up the hill is half the fun.


Anonymous said...

Being within minutes, and esp. walking distance, of a good place to walk & see plants & critters is SUCH a quality of life issue! For almost all the many years I lived in SF I was within 3 blocks of some part of Golden Gate Park, & up here nothing is that far but closest is the birdwatching oasis known as the wastewater treatment plant aka the sewage ponds.

Nature ID said...

It is a quality of life issue! LOL! Our environmental park (aka: the dump) has the most incredible flowers.