Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pacific gopher snake ~ 05/06/10 ~ Pinnacles

Pacific gopher snake
Pituophis catenifer catenifer

Why did the snake cross the road? Apparently, to find a mate! Or sometimes seem to just sit there in the middle of the road while an oncoming large object, i.e. a car, comes zooming at it? We saw this snake looking a bit flattened like it had melted slightly and zigzaggy (don't know how else to describe it). I got out of the car and touched its tail end simply to check if it was still alive. Sure enough it firmed up and started moving along. Fascinating!

Okay, considering the last time I touched the tail end of a snake, which may have been a baby rattlesnake, I still need to learn how to recognize local snakes. CA Herps posted what looks like an interpretive sign from SBMNH. I had to laugh because it tells you to look at the eyes and see if the pupils are rounded or vertical. Hello? I'm not sure I want to be close enough to a rattler to look lovingly into its eyes. But, what do I know, I need to stop pulling snake tales (pun intended). For a better interpretive sign, see EBRPD's.

ps - Truth in advertising, the first photo above was "enhanced" with iPhoto. I think I like this iMac.

pss 05/10/10 - Found this awesome local snake post from Dipper Ranch on how to tell the differences between snakes.

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