Saturday, September 11, 2010

fiery skipper ~ 09/11/10 ~ Monterey

female fiery skipper on lantana
Hylephila phyleus on Lantana sp.

Finally, there's some color to my blog! We had so many days of drippy, wet fog here for more than a month that my mood has been in the damper, as evidenced by my infrequent and grumpy posts as of late. There are several activities going about town this weekend. After our respective morning runs and power walks, we pumped up the air in our bicycle tires and tootled around to check out the Triathlon at Lover's Point, Cherry's Jubilee in Cannery Row, and the Festa Italia in Monterey's Custom House Plaza. Sigh, it was a good day.

I guess I should comment about the skipper and flower. I'm 90% sure of the lepidopteran ID. Like crescent butterflies there is much variation within skipper species, not to mention sexual dimorphism. As for the lantana, while we have a couple native species according to Calflora, this one was in a container and so it goes under my * garden flowers label. It's apparently a very popular garden plant to attract butterflies and the like.

Hope you're having a good weekend, too.


Susan said...

Great autumn shot full of warm afternoon colours...and how fitting, my word verification is "yalla"

Nature ID said...

Glad you liked, Susan. Hope you're well.

biobabbler said...

Love that tiny guy. Got a (really, really bad) shot of something similar up in Tuolomne Meadows earlier this year, but it was not in focus so who knows what it was. SO TINY yet pretty structurally elaborate. Very cool.

I have picked YOU for a Versatile Blogger award, so if you want it, it's on my blog. Just appreciate all the Nature ID work you do! =) bb

Nature ID said...

Thank you, bb. I'm flattered. Will have to check it out.

texwisgirl said...

This is a beautiful shot! My lantana in Texas is blooming really beautifully now too! :)