Saturday, October 30, 2010

habitat ~ 10/30/10 ~ Corral de Tierra

Corral de Tierra
October 30, 2010

As per my usual, I post landscape pictures to show the seasonal changes of habitats for most of the locations featured on Nature ID. Serious rain for the winter season began about a week before this visit and shoots of green grass are just starting to pop up after a typically dry summer. In the second picture above, the ocean is barely visible in the distance. This is my second Corral de Tierra habitat post; the first one was taken on a much greener February 13, 2010.


texwisgirl said...

Love the rolling hills and brush/trees in that first shot. I don't think I'd like the really dry summer though. In Texas we get long hot summers, but usually we manage to squeeze in a rain shower every now and again to keep things greening back up.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Having spent most of my youth in the Central Valley of CA, it never occurred to me that many places have rain during the summer. When I visited WA and Korea in my early 20's, I sobbed over how green and lush those places were. I still miss the lovely OH summers. While it's relatively dry on the CA coast in varying degrees depending on how north one is, it's a wonderful moderate temperature all year-round. I feel at home here.