Thursday, November 11, 2010

habitat ~ 11/11/10 ~ Garland Ranch - Garzas Creek

November 11, 2010

Showing the end of autumn color around these parts. Hey, it's California on the coast. I've been very tempted to take pictures of garden trees in town with their bright reds, oranges, and yellows, but that wouldn't feel honest for a nature blog. The best native show, besides poison-oak, comes from the bigleaf maple (Acer macrophyllum) and western sycamore (Platanus racemosa) with their massive yellow-orange crunchy leaves now nourishing the ground. Once we get a little more rain in the next month, everything will start turning bright spring green in time for Christmas. For a great blog post on native California fall color, check out Town Mouse and Country Mouse and for a series of California fall color links, check out Natural History Wanderings.

In case you missed it, I linked to Las Pilitas Nursery in the common name above. Be sure to read to the end of the description. Whoever writes their descriptions has a healthy sense of humor. My favorite is still their description of the California wild rose.

ps 11/20/11 - Andy took these pictures during one of his trail runs. I also added western sycamore above.


texwisgirl said...

Ha ha! Had to check out the links and it made me laugh. LOVE the vision of a low-life neighbor sneaking over to syphon gas... Ha!

Thanks for that! (And, no, I didn't realize California had maples...)

troutbirder said...

Ha! KT the nature purest. Beautiful fall foliage but not wild enough. My good friend (and blogging foil) Mr. Science often inspects my wildflower gardens and points out the "aliens" i.e. plants that are not only "unAmerican" but come from far away states via the mail. My spouse love hostas. I plant them even though they came originally from Japan.

Bob Bushell said...

A nice view of the California photo, it looks very nice there. I'd love it.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

twg, it's clever what they're doing.

troutbirder, your comment made me laugh. Thanks. I haven't been called "KT" since high school friends.

Bob, I love it, too, but I sometimes miss the incredible autumn woods of Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos.... I use Las Pilitas as a reference website for native plants all the time!

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Thanks, Janet. You've become an online friend. I also appreciate your comments on my Flickr page... although, I don't know how much more I'm going to post there since they apparently have a 300 pic limit before you have to pay $. I'm cheap, er, frugal and figure most of this online stuff is simply extraneous to living life the way I want.

Jeannette said...

Thank you for the link the to Las Pilitas, I will have to explore it.
I don't eat sushi, but I confess I do like Japanese maples. Growing up with a father who dabbled in bonsai and visiting the Japanese Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park many times at a very young age imprinted me. However, I applaud and support nature purists. I am all for living things not getting too mixed up!

Nice photos, as usual.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Jeannette, thanks for you comment. I love your blog!