Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Oh my!

I'm hesitant to state this, but... I simply cannot reply to every comment posted to Nature ID. Thank you, everyone, for following my blog and taking the time to offer your thoughts. I do read what you say and will reply when appropriate. I've had to remind myself that my goal for this blog is to note what (as best as I can), when, and where.

ps 02/09/11 - Watch out, I will be in a back-posting frenzy this week in order to catch up to date.


texwisgirl said...

Not a problem! I don't respond unless someone asks a question that I think they really want an answer to (hard to tell sometimes whether it's a joke or a real question). And lots of folks visit tons of blogs so don't ever come back to look for responses, so sometimes I respond to their question via email (if they have that set in their profile). Keep posting. We'll keep reading and commenting and we know you'll read 'em. :)

Joe said...

No problem Katie. I tryed to keep up with the comments when I first started also but it became too much as my blog grew. I do read all of the comments like you and appreciate every one of them but I'm like texwisgirl also and just answer any questions now. Keep on posting and we'll keep on reading :). You've got an interesting blog.

phyte club katie said...

I know! Isn't it funny how you want to (and do) write about being outdoors to share the experience and inspire, and then you end up on the computer more often than not. This is what happens to me, at least. I have incredibly mixed feelings about it.
Anyhow, DO NOT respond to this...! Hope you're well.