Friday, February 4, 2011

summer field mustard
Hirschfeldia incana

These were not technically in Hatton Canyon and were located across Carmel Valley Road. Don't quote me on this ID. I really should take a flower ID class. I'm trying to get over my prejudice for invasive non-native plant species. It's not their fault for being so successful. Of course, I'm not in the business of restoring habitats, either. Taken at face value, they really are quite pretty and extraordinarily common.

ps - I've added a postscript to an older mustard post, but will repeat it here. For plants, I often use the common names according to The Jepson Online Interchange from UC Berkeley, e.g., click to see the page for this particular species. I've found both Calflora (often embedded in scientific name ID) and CalPhotos (often embedded in common name ID) to be inconsistent in their use of common names due to database requirements and a variety of submission sources.

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Jeannette said...

on a wild no stop travel though had to keep going kind of drive from Highway 80 over 12 through the wine country last weekend...I was reminded of the beauty of fields of mustard...thick, solid rolling fields of lovely. Didn't even take a picture...but I have the sunshine brightness of it all still within.