Friday, March 4, 2011

common fiddleneck ~ 03/04/11 ~ Pinnacles

This is the first time I've taken an up close and personal look at fiddlenecks. Maybe it's the yellow or the spiny parts that makes me relatively adverse to this reasonably cute flower. Calflora lists 18 species and varieties of Amsinckia. Btw, what an awful genus name; sounds like "I'm sick of ya." For the record, I'm abandoning my usage of common names according to Jepson's that I started doing this year. Who the heck really calls this finger weed?

ps 04/05/14 - I updated the name from Amsinckia menziesii var. intermedia.  There was a little bit of shuffling in the genus.  I'm noting how skinny the whole plant is compared to what I consider A. menziesii.  I really don't know how to tell them apart.


texwisgirl said...

It's VERY pretty! :)

Waypoints said...

"I'm sick of ya" ...funny :-)

finger weed? :-) never heard that before.

phyte club katie said...

This is one of those scientific names I recognize but never take the time to actually sound out like a second-grader learning to read. Which is why I habitually spell it wrong. But now I'll just always think, "I'm sick of ya...." which works too even though I love Amsinckias!