Saturday, April 9, 2011

habitat ~ 04/09/11 ~ Highway 1

Highway 1 at Palo Colorado Road
April 9, 2011

posted 04/21/11 - Here's one piece of local news: the Hwy 1 closure 12 miles south of Carmel, before Rocky Creek/Bixby Bridge, is now open as of 8:00 PM last night according to fellow blogger bigsurkate. I mentioned the closure in a previous post, but this KSBW video provides better information of the highway collapse on March 16, 2011. When I took the picture above, I was already down in the area for a meeting when I decided to see what the closure looked like. It was surprising to see so many people eager to walk the closed portion of the highway. Normally, this treat only happens during the Big Sur International Marathon. Speaking of which, I think the BSIM planners will change their out and back course with a loop through Point Lobos, even though Hwy 1 is now open north of Alder Creek (i.e., you still cannot drive all the way through Big Sur to get to San Simeon and Cambria). Have I mentioned it's been an unusual year?


Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I had changed my mind on this route for our wildflower tour after seeing your post about the slide. I still plan to take you up on your offer for suggestions of where to go for wildflowers after I decide which route we plan to go and when. Thanks in advance.

Allison said...

I honestly wish I could run a marathon. I run regularly, but not so sure I could take it... maybe one day I will!

Also... I spent a week at San Simeon in the rain ... and in a covered wagon, to boot. Ugh! :)

Nature ID (Katie) said...

JL, I have e-mail on my profile page or listed at the bottom right of my home page. You can get to Big Sur now heading south. If you don't want to do an out and back, you could take the very curvy Nacimiento-Fergusson Rd east past Fort Hunter Liggett (not recommended as the military have been stopping vehicles at random and searching everything).

Allison, I'm impressed you run. I prefer walking (sometimes I sprint), but my husband did an ultra trail marathon last year. It was all about the training. I'm curious about this covered wagon bit, in the rain at San Simeon. Hmm...