Monday, May 2, 2011

brown leatherwing beetle
Pacificanthia consors

I found this handsome beetle on the balcony in between taking pictures of caterpillars and moths that I've been raising. From other photos I have, this soldier beetle was about 18 mm long, but I've already posted enough pics of rulers for May 2, 2011. The elytra were pubescent (fuzzy), which is difficult to tell from pictures alone. The second photo is showing it taking flight; it was alive and well when I released it after its photo session. Due to a previous post from this day, I'd like to note that I usually don't purposely kill insects. Evans and Hogue point out in their Field Guide to Beetles of California the black knees and tarsi, which I consider to be significant physical characteristics when distinguishing this brown leatherwing beetle found only in CA from other soldier beetles.


texwisgirl said...

very nice top picture! he IS handsome.

Jennifer said...

In the first photo he looks sparkly.

I think he looks handsome in the first photo, and cute in the second one.

Nature-Drunk said...

So that is what all the beetles hanging around my garden are called. There must have just been a hatching because I saw five in one area. They are beneficials, yes? Thanks for the post.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Beetles are so amazing. I love the details in their little feet and antennae (click on any of my pictures to see them close-up).

And, yes, Amber, they are beneficial, like many lady beetles. If you clicked on the scientific name in my ID, the Bugman says they eat "aphids, caterpillars, grasshopper eggs, mites, and other small pests" and cucumber beetles... although, I usually like caterpillars.