Monday, May 30, 2011

columbine ~ 05/30/11 ~ at home

I was given this columbine from a friend who in turn had received several as a gift in memory of her mother. I believe it was grown from seeds collected from wild growing columbine at Rocky Creek down the coast. Since recovering from my illness, I have been into surrounding myself with living things. Before I only had a jade, a geranium, and a plethora of poorly cared for spider plants on our north facing balcony. Now, I have purchased my first 6-packs of easy-to-grow plants like alyssum, lobelia, and dusty miller. I'm such a novice at growing outdoor flowering plants that I hope I can keep this columbine going for its lifespan of 3-4 years (according to Paghat's Garden). I plan to collect seeds and continue this plant on my balcony garden. Can anyone give me advice on where to cut for deadheading? Plus, I'd like to transplant this to a larger pot. Maybe I should wait until it is done flowering?

ps 09/22/11 - I want to note that in the last week, this plant has started a fresh batch of blooms.


Sue Langley said...

My columbines, McCana's giants, go to seed nicely and neatly with out having to be dead headed. the petals just drop away. They selfseed enthusiastically and the seeds are easy to collect.

My clump has been in the same place, a rain garden (at the end of our roof gutter pipes) but gets no added water except a bit of hand watering. i think they like it a bit dry and shady. Good luck! btw, I LOVE Paghat's Garden. Sue

Nature ID (Katie) said...

My desire to have lots of flowers (via deadheading) is contrary to producing viable seeds. I do like that the hummingbirds are checking it out.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Hi Sue, I hope you subscribed to this comment feed. My columbine started blooming again last week. Have yours? Most of my seeds got moldy - maybe too much summer fog here on the coast.

Sue Langley said...

So far I haven't seen any reblooms, katie, you're lucky. We have such hot weather that I bet it depends on temp for when they set seed. I do see small plants sprouting around the 'mother' plants. They did bloom like crazy this spring though!