Thursday, June 30, 2011

spider egg sac ~ 06/30/11 ~ at home

spider egg sac

Ever since I found several pupa and a poop-shooting, geranium-eating caterpillar, I've placed various wandering spiders on my geranium plant. I am hoping these are spider eggs, but I don't really know. Each egg rolled around inside the silk sac like miniature gumballs. To find out what they are, I placed this broken stem in some water and the whole thing in a container. My handy-dandy containers with nylon stocking tops are getting a workout this year.

ps 07/14/11 - I originally posted this as an unidentified egg sac. Yep, these are spiders. They hatched 2 days ago and were clustered around the silk casing. I took them out this morning to take a closer look and hopefully get some pictures, but with the slight movement they all started dropping on tiny lines of silk. I was barely able to float them over to a couple plants where they hung in the breeze off the leaves. I hope they stick around.

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