Monday, October 10, 2011

CA sagebrush ~ 10/10/11 ~ Point Lobos

California sagebrush / old man
Artemisia californica

This was definitely the dominant plant that I noticed during our hike along the water at Point Lobos. I loved how someone from CalAcademy on CalPhotos called this plant "old man" so I had to include it in the common name above. In my second blurry photo above, I was trying to show how the flowers turn into berry-like seeds. Doesn't that seem unusual? In any case, I'm becoming more familiar with the great variety of ever-present Artemisia in our area.


biobabbler said...

Hey, there. Love how A. californica smells, and responds SO QUICKLY to rain: POOF!

Anyhow, saw this and thought it'd be good for you to read:

Talks about how id boo-boos are inevitable, botanists make them all the time, but trying is good. =) xo

biobabbler said...

k, one more. When did you get that beautiful favicon? I LOVE it! Beautiful blue flower really brightens up the tab that your page is on. =)

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Hi, bb. Yep, I saw that post and even found another in a similar vein:

I've had the favicon for a while now. Under Design (top right of blogspot) there's a new add favicon feature. I did an online search for free favicons and liked the flower.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

ps - Thanks for thinking of me.