Sunday, October 2, 2011

seaside daisy ~ 10/02/11 ~ Shoreline Park

seaside daisy
Erigeron glaucus

It sure is nice to have an ID that I don't have to extensively search. I'm a little surprised this is my first post of this common coastal flower. Interesting to note, my Introduction to California Spring Wildflowers of the Foothills, Valleys, and Coast book states the seaside daisy "flowers from April to August." That's true. However, I also have a habitat post that shows it blooms as early as February, and here's evidence it blooms as late as October. That's a significant difference in timing of blooms.

As part of my Nature ID blog, I'm attempting to document when plants actually flower around here and not simply repeat others' claims, which may not be entirely accurate. This is the reason why I am so particular about posting to the date of my photos.


Jennifer and Steve said...

Lovely little flower. I hope to work a bit on the asters at our place this weekend. The fun we have! :) Thanks for your thoughts on our place. If you ever travel back this way, we would love to meet you!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Too bad I didn't have something to show the size of this flower; it can be as much as 2.5" across. I'm so impressed with all you have done with your place. Funny, but just last week while camping I met a fellow blogger. Someday, if I ever head back to OH, I'll let you know.