Sunday, January 20, 2013

CA condor ~ 01/20/13 ~ Pinnacles

posted 04/13/13 - Yep, I'm back with my exceptionally crappy photos.  This was our first ever sighting of the state and federally endangered CA condor.  During past trips to Pinnacles, we've been taunted by fellow hikers and campers with their breathless tales of how big they were.  I have to say, from a distance with only massive rocks as references, these condors did not impress me with their size.  Initially, we were flummoxed over what appeared to be white shoulder feathers.  Are those condors or maybe golden eagles?  A little later in our hike we talked with some researchers who confirmed the white shoulders were numbered tags with radio devices attached.  Pinnacles National Park (this designation has recently been upgraded from a National Monument) has a great page filled with condor links.  Also, Don Roberson has a nice summary of condors in Monterey County.  Very cool!

ps 10/22/13 - For a local blog post about a new condor streaming web cam, check out BigSurKate.

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Imperfect and Tense said...

It must be the season for long range viewing of raptors. Our Lass and I were sat in a lakeside hide yesterday afternoon, watching the comings and goings of ducks, geese, swallows and sand martins, when Herself spotted a large bird soaring over another lake further along the valley. Definitely a bird of prey, and bins revealed it to be an Osprey. It rapidly disappeared northwards, another Summer migrant heading for the breeding grounds.

It made our day, but was totally impractical to photograph. One for the memory banks.