Saturday, December 7, 2013

pet peeves ~ 12/07/13 ~ Fort Ord

filled dog poop bag

I'm not sure this is any better than fuzzy, mold-covered, open-air poop that I used to see at Fort Ord.  Can anyone tell me why dog owners leave used poop bags on the trails?  This makes no sense to me.  The now-common dispensers at trailheads indicate these green bags are degradable.  Is that different from compostable?  I don't see how individual bags would degrade/compost properly.  Are the dog owners expecting someone else will come along, pick up all those randomly dropped filled bags, and properly compost them like they do in a State Park in Ithaca, NY?  My going assumption has been, if it's your dog, then you need to take care of it and pack it out. Erg.

ps 03/19/14 - OK, this is too funny.  Santa Cruz now has "There's No Poop Fairy" signs.


John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I do come across the occasional dog poop bag along Channel Drive which skirts Annadel Park. Dogs are not allowed on the park trails but along this asphalt drive it is okay. The bags I refer to are those left for pick-up on the return trip by the dog walker. Rarely do I come across a left forever bag. Did you notice my post the other day about all the trash seen at a wildlife refuge parking lot? Really sick.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Oh, I wish I could give the benefit of the doubt, but... look at the splattered sand on the bag from the overnight downpour. Considering it had long since stopped raining, I doubt the bag was waiting for any return trippers. If it was a rare occurrence, eh okay, but I saw half a dozen bags in the first 30 minutes of my hike. There have been spots at Fort Ord that people liked to use for dumping old furniture, appliances, unused junk. That boggles my mind, too, because the official dump is only a couple more exits down the highway. Maybe they think no one would notice?

John W. Wall said...

I see these all the time and can't fathom it. Why even collect it if you're going to dump the bag?

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Yeah, that's my question, too, John!