Monday, February 10, 2014

CA turret spider ~ 02/10/14 ~ Stevens Creek

posted 03/15/14 - It seems to me a great many locals to the Santa Cruz Mountains know about these turret spiders and in great detail as this BayNature article by David Lukas explains.  The part I found most interesting is this quote, "Analysis of hundreds of genetic samples reveals that instead of a single species, there are at least eight species of California turret spiders, and even these eight species can be further divided into distinct subpopulations separated by obstacles in their environment."  They apparently don't move around much.  I was unfamiliar until Ken pointed out this little structure to Randy and me.  Note the cool use of douglas-fir needles?  I'm always amazed at the "houses" animals will build for themselves.  Now I have The Three Little Pigs on the brain.  Stickless stone woodrat midden, anyone?


Jennifer said...

How cool!
The photo immediately made me think of bowerbird homes.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

I kinda remember seeing a nature show on the bowerbird homes on PBS. Their behavior is fascinating.