Thursday, May 13, 2010

habitat ~ 05/13/10 ~ Elkhorn Slough - NERR

Elkhorn Slough - NERR entrance
May 13, 2010

Simply uploading pics that provide a sense of where I was on this day and what the weather was like. I brushed off at least two dozen ticks while on Hummingbird Island. Oy vey! Well... okay, my usual slick, hiking pants were in the laundry, so I wore my clingy, black workout pants. Bad idea! I think it's going to be a boomer tick year. I tried to take pictures of several small snakes, but they slithered into the tall grass before I could get my camera out. We also saw more rabbits along the paths than we could count. Why do I always think of Watership Down when I see so many rabbits? A couple volunteers cornered us and insisted we not go anywhere near the barn due to an owl being down. Huh? They have a couple owl nests in there, but I didn't catch what was wrong with the owl.

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