Sunday, August 8, 2010

naked lady ~ 08/08/10 ~ Rec Trail

naked lady
Amaryllis belladonna
Amaryllidaceae (formerly Liliaceae)

With all the August fogville gloom around here, I'm happy to post something bright and cheerful. The cool, wet weather sometimes gets me down, but I'd rather pull on a sweater than have to endure the 90-100+ temps inland. While I suspect these naked ladies were purposely planted along the rec trail, I'm keeping them under my non-native plants label for now because I have seen them growing wild. I may have to rethink this later as most I've seen lately have been in yards and should be labeled under garden plants. You may notice many of my label categories seem arbitrary, but they make sense to me and I do try to be consistent.

ps 03/19/14 - For an excellent post of this March lily, as they are known in South Africa, check out Elephant's Eye.


Brad said...

Looks like they are native to South Africa, but have become naturalized here on the California coast.

marco said...

I live in Victoria, British Columbia, and have been perplexed by the appearance of a surprise flower in our garden, which I now see from your photo is the Naked Lady. A group of 3 of them appeared very quickly on their own. So, in our garden as well, they are growing wild, and have been a beautiful addition.


Nature ID said...

Cool, Brad. Thanks to your blog, I'm now following Phyte Club Katie. She has a much better post on naked ladies than my couple of posts.

Louise, thanks for visiting. If you want to know more, check out the other Katie:

Diana Studer said...

following your comment, I've found your 'March' lilies. I do wonder if they might become an invasive problem in California, since they seed with vigorous enthusiasm?

Katie (Nature ID) said...

They seem to grow pretty well on their own only in certain parts of CA, and they don't seem to spread very fast. I think other non-natives outcompete them: