Wednesday, June 8, 2011

jimson weed ~ 06/08/11 ~ Pinnacles

western jimson weed / sacred datura
Datura wrightii

At last, I found a native jimson weed. Perhaps the reason why I haven't noticed this before is because it blooms in the evening through to the next morning. Unless I'm camping, I usually don't hike in the evenings. Descriptions of its scent range from "sweetly fragrant" flowers to "rank smelling" foliage. Like it's non-native cousin D. stramonium that I've seen at Fort Ord, extracts are narcotic. Native Americans used preparations in ceremonies.


Jeannette said...

Your opening "Alas" intrigues me. Or did you mean "At last"?
Does this week spread quickly or cause problems?
I have not ever been aware of it. The leaf color is very strong and the purple is a clue to be cautious.

Your quail photo is a classic...such a sign.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

At last, Jeannette. I know it's often found in disturbed areas, but I don't think it spreads quickly. The biggest problem is when fools experiment with Datura as a recreational drug, which sometimes ends up being the last thing they ever do.