Thursday, November 3, 2011

barnacles ~ 11/03/11 ~ Morro Strand Beach

I'm trying to get outside of my comfort zone and ID things I know very little about. Many people would recognize a barnacle, but I think few would know particular species. Indeed, as I was researching, there seems to be conflicting information about the identity of some very common barnacles. I may change the embedded links as I look into this some more.


John W. Wall said...

Leaving one's comfort zone can be eye-opening and frustrating!

Wait till you come up against the difference in barnacle species [or dragonfly, mushroom, nudibranch, etc.] being some feature that is discernible only under a microscope, and even when you can see the feature, you still have to interpret just what it is you are seeing! Phooey! :)

Katie (Nature ID) said...

You would know, John. I appreciate what you're saying as I've often found descriptions of microscopic features that can only be discerned if compared to something else.