Saturday, December 10, 2011

CA buckeye ~ 12/10/11 ~ Los Padres Dam

California buckeye
Aesculus californica
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Sapindaceae (formerly Hippocastanaceae)

I wanted to show how big our CA buckeye seeds get, much larger than the native buckeyes (A. glabra and A. flava) and introduced horse chestnut (A. hippocastanum) seeds I found when I lived in Ohio. During our hike, we had a fun time rolling the prolific seeds down the ravines to see how far they would go; it was like rolling bocce jacks over a rough terrain.

I'm surprised I don't have additional seasonal posts of the CA buckeye, considering it's noticeably one of the first trees to sprout leaves in late winter and one of the first trees to drop leaves in late summer, which I read somewhere was due to lack of water. I'll have to rectify this posting deficiency. For much better information than I could ever provide, check out Clare's buckeye post at Curbstone Valley Farm.


Jennifer said...

Those seeds are gigantic! I always cringe when I see California buckeyes in bloom given that they are poisonous to honey bees.

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Jennifer, you should check out the link I provided to Curbstone Valley Farm above. Clare also has honey bees.