Friday, May 23, 2014

Douglas' spineflower ~ 05/23/14 ~ Pinnacles


Because of the spineflowers' family relationship to buckwheats (a fave butterfly host plant), I'm keeping an eye on them.  I first started seeing Douglas' this year April 29 on the westside.  These are small plants, which may have tiny caterpillars, too.  Don't know yet.  In addition to the Douglas' shown above, here are the known spineflowers found at Pinnacles National Park (with my common name updates taken from Jepson eFlora):

(CalPhotos) - (Calflora) - (Jepson) - none of the below with CNPS status
red triangles/Thurber's - Centrostegia thurberi (formerly Chorizanthe) - common, sand or gravel


WILDSIDE said...

This is very cool what you are doing here... Hope I'll find you again sometime!

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Thanks, Wildside!