Saturday, October 16, 2010

California wild rose
Rosa californica

In a time of year of dried grasses and the death of non-natives (both seasonally and by the reserve's visibly apparent use of herbicides as a management tool), it was refreshing to see this native rose blooming. As I've been looking around for more information online, I found Las Pilitas Nursery description to be particularly entertaining and perhaps a bit uncouth. And for a touchy-feely link recommendation, Friends of Edgewood has an interesting post. I'm still looking for information on how to prepare fresh rose hips for tea. As a start, I thought this was a good post at Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy. I'd love to get suggestions.


phyte club katie said...

Love the photo (I'm a sucker, as you know, for blossoms and fruits in the same shot) and the words, too. You're right -- those Las Pilitas people are pretty funny (I knew they were a wealth of native plant info but I didn't realize they imbued their descriptions with humor, as well!). And what's best, you have that Parks Conservancy link? I work for them right now and had no idea all those native plant descriptions were on their website. Cool! Thanks, as always.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

They are funny! Most of the time I don't read beyond the first couple sentences. So, you work for the Parks Conservancy?