Saturday, October 16, 2010

snowy egret
Egretta thula

This is my gratuitous bird post from this hike. The reason I say this is because Elkhorn Slough is known for its bird diversity, and this is the best bird photo I could capture. Most of the wonderful shorebirds, were too far away to distinguish, let alone to take a decent picture. I'm not very good at capturing birds in photos and really appreciate those who can, like Red and the Peanut. Andy brought along binoculars, but both the bird blind and hummingbird island were closed for repairs. We were there for 4 hours from before and after low tide. Note the black bill. Click on the scientific name above to hear the squawk of the snowy egret.


Anonymous said...

Have you done the slough by boat? Over many yrs I'd walked the trails from the inland end by visitors center but two yrs ago to celebrate mom's 80th bday we took the boat tour accessed via (the reserve is dot org) and for we who don't kayak it totally rocked!

biobabbler said...

Lovely shot. SO envious re: Elkhorn Slough trip. Nice sound, too! =) You might notice few bird shots on my blog as I find squash and cacti/boulders much more cooperative. =) Love the patterns on the water.

(p.s. I was a snowy egret for halloween one year, and upon entering the house where the party was, a guy from across the room shouted "Anatomically correct snowy egret!" Turns out he's an awesome biologist/birder/botanist working for USGS. SO fun. =)

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Janet, when were you down here? Kayaking is one of those things we've talked about doing, but haven't yet. Funny you should mention the pontoon boat, as the docent with a scope mentioned a similar story.

bb, I love that quote, "Anatomically correct snowy egret!"