Friday, April 8, 2011

wedding tree ~ 04/08/11 ~ Garland Ranch

wedding tree

It's amazing to me how 5 years goes by in the blink of an eye. For those new to my blog, this is the tree Andy and I married under, erm, before that huge branch broke off. We've made it a tradition to visit our tree on our anniversary. It's not always easy to schedule this hike, and Andy made extraordinary efforts this year so that he could be available. The day, like our marriage, started off warm and sunny, experienced a little stormy weather with snow during our hike, and ended sunny with a lovely dinner.

I guess I should mention that this is a California white oak (Quercus lobata). From a previous post before the leaves came out, Cindy from Dipper Ranch was correct in saying this tree is still alive. Thank you, Cindy.

ps 04/10/11 - Thank you, commenters, for your well wishes! Apologies again for those subscribed to comments for my deletion and extended reply. I figured people might want to read my answers to Cindy's questions. Also, I've found other blogs (not Dipper Ranch) sometimes delete posts or close their blogs altogether. Being a person who likes to keep records, I thought it best to "host" my recommendations.


Cindy said...

Yeah, yeah, I am so happy it is alive! It makes the fact I am sitting on the porch preparing a presentation for a wildflower hotspots for the upcoming CNPS show not so bad when I would rather be out hiking. Any nominations? Kinda unfair to ask since you do such a good job in Monterey Bay area and I am stringently restricting myself to counties that touch San Francisco Bay for this show (oops, sorta). When is the Monterey Bay area wildflower show? Ours in Santa Clara Valley area (San Jose +) is April 23 and 24th. May your marriage be as long lasting and beautifully inspiring as this valley oak.

Jennifer said...

I just love that you got married under this tree. Happy anniversary!

texwisgirl said...

Happy Anniversary!!! What a great place to get married (and a wonderful tradition to keep up every year!!!)

Joe said...

Nice tradition and happy anniversary. And time sure does fly.

Nature ID (Katie) said...

Apologies folks, but I've learned my lesson that I need to "host" some of my own comments. Here's an extended version of what I wrote Cindy on her blog:

Speaking of which and to reply to your questions on my recent post, our Monterey Co wildflower show is this coming weekend (04/15-04/17). This year is the 50th anniversary of the show. I can't believe Vern Yadon has been doing the exhausting day-before IDs for so long; he's got to be well into his 80's by now. I've been there when they've had over 700 species of wildflowers - oh my! - but I don't think they'll have that many this unusual spring:

My wildflower hotspot nominations for the month of April are:
Monterey Co - Fort Ord BLM Lands (personal observation this year)
Santa Cruz Co - Wilder Ranch SP (even in past years by March it's going)
San Mateo Co - Butano SP (heard there's a rare orchid blooming right now)
Marin Co - ask John Wall for his recommendations of places or people who would know (
Santa Clara Co - Henry Coe SP (
San Benito Co - Pinnacles Nat'l Monument and Hwy 25 (east entrance)

I hope this helps with your presentation.