Thursday, June 9, 2011

Bigelow's spike-moss ~ 06/09/11 ~ Pinnacles

possible Bigelow's spike-moss
possible Selaginella bigelovii

posted 09/08/11 - Well, I'll be! Here's a new plant that totally has been beyond my radar. Calflora (linked in the scientific name above) calls this a mosslike fern, whereas Wikipedia lists it as a fern ally. Quite honestly, I'm still looking into the differences between spike-mosses and true mosses. This species is listed on the Pinnacles CNPS plant list, so it's a real possibility. I got the heads up from sdttds on my Flickr photo. For a nice blog post about Selaginella, check out In the Garden.


tina said...

I was going to say I had to learn about spike mosses but I see you already found my link! Ha, not usual that happens. Many folks try to learn about them. They are very fascinating plants but don't do well in my garden:(

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Hi, Tina. I'm always impressed at how quickly people seem to find out that I've linked to their blog. I make it a habit of not stealing other people's photos or written information, so I link. Do you think I've got this correct in that it's a spike-moss and not a moss?