Wednesday, July 16, 2014

sea butterfly ~ 07/16/14 ~ Asilomar Beach

pseudoconch of the sea butterfly

Given my fondness for butterflies, I did not, however, make up the name.  There were a handful of these firm, flexible, and bumpy clear things washed up along the tide line.  It resembles and actually fit like one of those rubber finger tips that old school secretaries used to file paperwork.  I liken finding the pseudoconch similar to finding an empty snail shell.  Online pictures of the animal itself make no sense to me.  Click the scientific name above for an excellent diver's summary with gorgeous photos.  Apparently, the sea butterfly is more closely related to the sea hare than the floating sea snail.  Go figure.  Marine life is such an alien world to me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

habitat ~ 07/08/14 ~ Pinnacles Naional Park - west

Pinnacles National Park - west entrance
July 8, 2014

If you didn't know the date of this photograph, what season would you call this?  Maybe autumn with the deciduous buckeye trees?  Or typical CA summer?  No.  The season is drought.  Severe drought. Click to compare how this spot looked like back on April 22, 2014.  The National Weather Service recorded a temperature of 103°F by 2:37pm today, the hottest I've experienced in 3 months of my project.  It took a while to acclimate and figure out just how much water I really need to carry to be comfortable.  A wet shirt goes a long way in keeping cool.  Phew!