Monday, February 8, 2010

seagull on power pole at sunrise
February 8, 2010

I thought this was pretty, so am including it.

Since I don't have any other place to record these kinds of observations, I'm posting it here. We had quite a bit of rain on Friday and Saturday, after which I noticed massive amounts of this bright yellow pollen collected everywhere. My nose has been running like no one's business for at least a week and I swear I've gone through a whole box of Kleenex! I'm wondering if I have allergies to this pollen. Does it come from the pine trees? Or the oaks?

ps 02/17/10 - My nose is still dripping like mad. Makes me rethink that cold I thought I had last year for 2 months!

pss 02/22/10 - With today's rain, my nose seems to have finally stopped dripping. Yeah!

pss 01/26/11 - Noticed a light dusting of yellow pollen on many parked cars for the first time this year. I still haven't figured out if the pollen comes from the pines or the oaks.