Friday, August 26, 2011

best of...

I've said before that I follow an extraordinary number of bloggers, nature-related and other. Due to unexpected events this past spring, I have fallen behind on so many things, including keeping up with my own blog (yes, I'm still backposting and have only gotten as far as 07/14/11) and reading others' blogs. While I still quickly peruse many blogs, I've developed a short list of bloggers who are my favorites to read or use as go-to sources. Here are a few best of:

adventures in South Africa: The Max Files
back-to-the-land CA v.2011: Curbstone Valley Farm
blog design: Dr. Carin Bondar
by the seashore: Wanderin' Weeta
CA nature & photography: John Wall's Natural California
cam-trap: The Nature of a Man
dragonflies: Northwest Dragonflier
excellence in writing: Xenogere
good laugh: Clients from Hell
hip & sexy botany: Phyte Club
how active I'd like to be after retirement: Orchids, Nature and My Outdoor Life
how perfect I once thought I should be: Posie Gets Cozy
if I lived in New York: 66 Square Feet
life changing journey: NorCal Katie
should be a book: Rock Paper Lizard
why I'm not a mother: The Zen of Motherhood

ps - End of post. The "You might also like:" shown below is an auto-generated widget I'm trying out to see if readers will find useful posts within Nature ID versus my ever present and work-intensive labels. I'm still not sure I like LinkWithin.