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view from Fremont Peak towards the Salinas Valley
November 29, 2008

Until I have time and the gumption to figure out how to utilize the google map thingie, check out my grouped label lists for:
CA locations
CA counties
photo locations not in CA

Also check out these maps to get better acquainted with CA:
California County Geographic Birding Guide (map of California's counties)
California County Maps (individual county maps)

ps - Does anyone know about the copyright and usage rights to google maps?  It is my policy for Nature ID to ONLY use images that are mine or my husband's.  I know there are public domain works and other images that are included under various Creative Commons, GNU FDL, and similar free licenses that can be copied without copyright infringement.  It's a personal choice of mine and I'm still undecided if I'll include actual maps on this page.  Maybe, like the rest of my blog, I'll simply create a list of links for others to easily find my hiking locations.

pss 09/22/12 - For now, I have decided not to include google map points of my locations directly on this page like Bay Area Hiker has nicely done.  The links above are good, especially the maps of CA if you're not familiar with CA.  Other sites I've found to be helpful are distance maps, both for driving and as the crow flies:
Google Maps
Daft Logic Google Maps Distance Calculator as the crow flies


John Sullivan said...

Here’s a page that looks like it will walk you through the copyright/permissions issues with Google maps:

John Sullivan said...

Oops, looks like submitting my comment stripped the actual URL. Let’s try this again:

Katie (Nature ID) said...

Thanks, John. I'll take a look at that. Simply as a matter of policy for Nature ID, I use only my own images (or Andy's). I'm still undecided about posting maps from somewhere else, although it would help people figure out locations. Then, there's the business of scale. Maybe 2 maps, one for Monterey County and another for the state of CA. Phew, this blog is becoming a lot of work; I just started rearranging my indices this weekend.