Monday, May 17, 2010

I want to live in a tree house!

Hapuku Lodge, Kaikoura, New Zealand
February 25, 2007

Can't even begin to state how much I love tree houses! I never had one as a kid, but that's okay. I saw these structures in the manuka trees while we were driving down the coast on the South Island of New Zealand. I shouted "Stop! Let's go back." This is a bit of a running joke since my hubby will avoid backtracking if he can ever help it. Needless to say we spent a luxurious night on this deer and olive farm... after a very windy night tent-camping in downtown Wellington, two extremes in a 24 hour period.

What reminded me about this, in a before-morning-tea, free-association thinking kind of way, was playscapes I found through another blog. Total fun! For a link to another tree house I hope to stay in at some point, check out Oregon's Treehouse Treesort.