Sunday, June 2, 2013

CA market squid ~ 06/02/13 ~ Wharf No. 2

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I never realized market squid are so beautifully and intricately patterned when they're still alive and mad at being caught. Usually when I go to the local fish market at the end of the wharf, the squid have been dead for a bit and are ghostly pale white packed on ice.  For a quick primer on why and how squid change their colors, check out U.C. Davis-hosted CA Seafood Council. Usually, the only time I'm aware of the squid fishery in Monterey Bay is when the squid boats light up the bay night. For some reason the boats haven't been around much this year, which is interesting since we're finally having a good grunion year.  I forget people catch squid with poles and multiple splayed hooks that look a bit like miniature tinsel party decorations.  It doesn't take very long to jig a couple times and pull up a squid or two.  These are somewhat smaller than the market squid I've seen conveyor belted off the commercial squid boats.  Calamari anyone?