Wednesday, June 3, 2009

scrub-jay ~ 06/03/09 ~ at home

white western scrub-jay
Aphelocoma californica

I saw this bird two early mornings before the sun came up around our place. A western scrub-jay was closely following it. It doesn't have the dark wings of a northern mockingbird, but I've never seen a white-colored scrub-jay before, either.

ps 05/18/12 - For the past few months, Andy and I have seen a bird like this one hanging out near Dewey St., Central Ave., and Sloat Ave. It's always being followed by one or two very blue-colored western scrub-jays. I got a close look one evening, and it's definitely a light colored scrub-jay. I would have had a picture, but an EMT friend happened to pull up in her ambulance to say "Hi!" I hope to see both her and the white bird again.

pss 01/20/14 - As I was looking for something else, I came across Don Roberson's 2012 highlights including a leucistic western scrub-jay.  Aha!

blog update

Nature ID was created to document my seasonal observations, to help me learn about local nature, and to share my simple discoveries. All along I planned to add and edit PAST hiking dates as I find time and info.

I just added more pics from our recent hikes at Fort Ord and Los Padres Dam (locations are now grouped together in the index starting with an "x"). I also added new misc. groupings for cormorants, fairy lanterns, grunion greeting, and sunrises. I have more to add but don't have the patience right now to review more photos.

Btw, all Nature ID pics are mine (fuzzy, cropped, and halfway decent). I've tried to include links to better pictures and information found elsewhere on the internet.

I encourage visitors to use the index to find their interests, check boxes, help ID unknown pics, leave comments, and link forward.

It's time for me to get outside!!! Enjoy!

ps 03/10/10 - I removed the check boxes because they were useless. And, I'll admit, I'll occasionally post pics from when my husband had the camera.