Tuesday, May 26, 2009

grunion greeting, 2009 #5

For a couple who religiously gets to bed by 10pm, all this late-night grunion greeting has whacked out our sleeping schedules! Technically, Tuesday night was not a Monterey monitoring night, but we were awake and fantasizing about calling the grunion hotline to report a W-3. Two nights before, we were thrilled just to see a handful of live grunion... hahaha, isn't that human nature, always wanting bigger and better? So we headed down to Del Monte Beach from 11:40pm-12:40am. Why not?

The skies had cleared up and it was extremely dark without a moon. We managed to see not one, but 2 black-crowned night herons in good ol' Charlie's favorite hunting spot. Between 12:22-12:25am, one of the night heron caught 2 grunions. That's it. We didn't see anything else.

Phooey! Our aspirations to report a W-3 will have to wait.