Friday, June 18, 2010

kicking the coffee habit

Yep, I used to be a Maxwell House drinker... that is until I met Andy and his Pacific Northwest, highfalutin, fancy coffee preference (read: industrial strength oil that'll change your views of life forever - and, no, I'm not talking about BP!), which somehow goes hand-in-hand while wearing flannel, multi-pocketed shorts, and dark socks with water sandals. After exceeding my baggage weight limit this past December by hauling home numerous pounds of Batdorf and Bronson, I discovered I didn't feel all that great after such a strong cuppa joe.

Now, I'm opting for green tea. I like the super-cheap generic kind in a pint glass with those convenient reusable paper sleeves that the Mr. brings home to me after going out for coffee (we've long been out of B&B).

Time for my morning excursion. Hope to see some celebrities in town for the local U.S. Open and hope to forget all about the continually depressing news headlines this morning.

Wishing you all a better day than how mine is starting.

ps - Maybe my bad attitude (or lack of high-octane caffeine?) is affecting how I experience things... I was rudely ejected from the Monterey Crepe Co. in downtown Monterey this morning, because I waited before ordering by watching the last 2 minutes between U.S. and Slovenia. It's too bad, I really like crepes.