Friday, September 17, 2010

a meeting of two blogs

Phew! I finally finished adding my other blog's posts to Nature ID. I lost a couple pics and comments along the way (despite blogger/blogspot's assurances that all would remain intact), but I'm fine with that. I'm still working on fixing my labels and embedded links. Here are a few of my recently moved old posts and labels:

sentimental about seasons
artsy photos
crappy photos
travel version of Nature ID
yakety yak

This little hobby of mine has turned into a piece of work. My self-imposed rules for Nature ID were becoming limiting, hence the reason why I decided to combine my blogs. Compared to some of the bloggers out there, I'm relatively new to the scene with only 16 months of blogging under my belt. I'm still learning the etiquette of the blog-o-sphere.

Quite honestly, I never thought anyone would read my blather, let alone comment, but, someone, namely Biobabbler, felt I was worth mentioning and awarded me a blog badge, which I now proudly display in my sidebar. Again, thank you, bb! While I'm not up for taking the time to adhere to the award's guidelines (I feel it's a new generation of the old-fashioned chain letter without the bad joojoo), I will make the following comments:

a) I don't particularly like writing or taking photographs. Nature blogging seems contrary to this dislike, but I also like learning new things and I love the community of nature aficionados that blogging has exposed me to.

b) I regularly link to bloggers and posts that I find "good," without fancy-schmancy awards. However, maybe I should let them know more often as I'm fairly shy about commenting on other people's blogs.

c) Here's a short list (considering I regularly check in on over 350 blogs, this is short!) of my favorite bloggers, nature-related or not, and in no particular order:

Blue Jay Barrens
Posie Gets Cozy
Wanderin' Weeta
The Zen of Motherhood
Meanwhile in a valley in the Coast Ranges...
Indian flowers and herbs
A Yankee-in-Belgrade
John Wall's Natural California
The Max Files
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