Sunday, May 19, 2013

black-tailed deer ~ 05/19/13 ~ J's place

Cindy @ Dipper Ranch reminded me to keep an eye out for fawns.  I spotted the last pregnant deer at home about a week before her blog post in the second week of April.  Every year the deer seem to disappear from view for a little more than a month, reappearing with fawns in tow.  I was at a friend's house, 1.4 miles as the crow flies across town on the other side of the Peninsula, when I saw my first 2013 fawn.  It has much darker coloring than any of the ones I've seen at home. And, sure enough the next day, I saw my first fawn at home, which fits right into my late May, early June first sightings.  My friend said that she usually starts seeing fawns in mid-April, but they were about 2 weeks late this year.  I'm fascinated the deer in town have a seasonal presence, as if they mini-migrate from yard to yard.