Wednesday, April 25, 2012

cheeseweed ~ 04/25/12 ~ Frog Pond

Did you ever wonder how a plant got its common name? Cheeseweed, really? This non-native from Northern Africa, Europe, and Asia supposedly has fruiting heads that look like little wheels of cheese. I wonder if cheese fanatic Wallace of Wallace and Gromit was the one who named this plant. It should be noted that this individual was the only one I found at the Frog Pond and is not listed on either the old or the new 2012 CNPS plant list for the Frog Pond Wetland Preserve, Del Rey Oaks.

ps 05/06/12 - I did wonder if this was bull mallow (Malva nicaeensis), but according to Jepson, bull mallow should be trailing along the ground and not erect as shown.

yellow houseplant mushroom ~ 04/25/12 ~ at home

yellow houseplant mushroom
Leucocoprinus birnbaumii (aka Lepiota lutea)
for more information click here and here

It's thanks to Amber at Nature Drunk's posts from last year (here and here) that I even knew right away what this fungus is. Last year I got a 6-pack of Lobelia and a bag of potting mix (OSH compost mix). Considering I haven't purchased houseplant material in many years, it's interesting that this pretty yellow fungus is the first I've ever had. It appeared very quickly and is already almost finished. Along with my 4-leaf clover patch, I'm glad to have these store purchase bonuses. By the way, the Lobelia is often planted outside around here, but I had a few extra and added them when I repotted my Dracaena last May. I'm glad the Lobelia is blooming inside.