Wednesday, May 18, 2011

habitat ~ 05/18/11 ~ California State University, Monterey Bay

This was the day my husband Andy celebrated the completion of his multiple subject teaching program. Two years ago when he was laid off from his job of over 10 years, his dream of becoming a teacher turned into a real possibility. As I post this on 06/16/11, he already has his own 2nd grade summer school class at the elementary school where he volunteered for years and did his last semester of student teaching. I'm incredibly proud of him!

This was also the day I finally got in to see a specialist and missed the appreciation tea part of the celebration. In a big way, this day was a milestone in both our lives. The photo above was taken outside the campus library. I love the contrast of the setting sun on the coast live oak (Quercus agrifolia var. agrifolia) with the dark rain clouds behind.

woolly grevillea ~ 05/18/11 ~ CSUMB

woolly grevillea
Grevillea lanigera

Given that CSUMB tends to landscape with natives, this could be a CA native. However, I suspect it comes from South Africa or Australia. I have absolutely no idea where to start for an ID. Can anyone ID this wacky-looking plant?

ps 06/16/11 - I originally posted this as unknown red curly flower. I queried Megan and Matti from Far Out Flora who know quite a bit about succulents and Proteaceae. Thanks to Matti's comment below, I've corrected the ID above. This plant is native to southeastern Australia. There are numerous cultivars of this species and based on online pictures, I believe the one I found is either Mt. Tamboritha or Coastal Gem.