Monday, August 9, 2010

caught in a moment of time

Garland Ranch Regional Park
August 9, 2010

There's something philosophical about this spider web, like a splash caught in a moment of time...

common madia ~ 08/09/10 ~ Garland Ranch

common madia
Madia elegans

posted 08/21/10 - I don't have much to say about this flower. Andy took the pictures during one of his many recent trail runs. Per my usual, I'm backdating this post to the date of the picture. For a couple weeks I've been feeling under the weather and haven't been out much, hence my lack of recent posts. I'm still debating whether I want to include his pics in my blog when I wasn't there. At the very least, I seem to have ignited a spark in Andy with an interest in nature. Now he's looking up IDs and posting flowers on his own running blog. Cool.

Michael's piperia ~ 08/09/10 ~ Garland Ranch

Are you sick of my posts of orchids, yet? We've been keeping an eye out for them and are finding more than we ever thought possible. Please note the different locations of my photos in the labels, marked with an 'x.' Funny, but I always thought of orchids as being a spring bloomer. WRONG. Our local native orchids seem to be most showy in mid to late summer. It's been fun spotting these, but I doubt I'll post anymore orchid photos for a while.

buckwheat ~ 08/09/10 ~ Garland Ranch

Eriogonum sp.

Given my difficulty in separating out and identifying buckwheat, I'm posting without a positive ID... but I like how pretty the blooms are here, especially in close-up. Seriously, there are at least 266 species of buckwheat in CA!!!

Thanks to Am I Bugging You Yet?'s recent blog post, I started this morning looking at my recent buckwheat pics and am giving it up to a lost cause... unless someone can provide some helpful hints on how to identify this genus of plants.

ps 11/19/14 - I now believe this is seacliff buckwheat (Eriogonum parvifolium).  Newer seacliff buckwheat posts have more detail.

Yadon's piperia ~ 08/09/10 ~ Skyline Forest Drive

Yadon's rein orchid
Piperia yadonii
CNPS 8th Edition Inventory

Do you like the dirt and grime on this orchid? I guess that's what you get when it grows 5 feet away from the road. Too bad they mow so heavily in the area to keep the roadsides clear. I wonder if there'd be more Yadon's piperia if they didn't mow.

elegant piperia ~ 08/09/10 ~ Skyline Forest Drive

elegant rein orchid
Piperia elegans

I'm making an early ID, even though this isn't in full bloom yet. I've been documenting this particular individual with posts on August 4 and July 25. Amazingly, it looks very similar to Yadon's piperia. Simply based on the timing of the bloom, I'm guessing it's a different species.