Tuesday, October 21, 2008

sunrise ~ 10/21/08 ~ at home

Pacific Grove sunrise from home
October 21, 2008

This was before I paid more attention to the dates I took pics, so there's a 10 day period when I could have shot these. They are another same morning succession of sky color changes from deep orange to lighter blue.

ps 03/09/10 - I think I finally figured out the dates on older photos are accurate. Silly really, but before Nature ID, I never really cared. Before, I didn't trust the dates since we have two computers and have been sharing files haphazardly. For the past many months, I've been using the dates on the camera after I download and before I delete the camera memory. I haven't been kind to my husband and haven't shared pictures by taking the time to download almost a year's worth of pics to our cherry red, portable hardrive.