Saturday, June 19, 2010

moths ~ 06/19/10 ~ at home

Oidaematophorus sp.?

ceanothus nola moth
Nola minna

These pics are for Chris Grinter of The Skeptical Moth blog. He works at Cal Academy and is a smart, young lepidopterist. His description of spreading microlepidoptera is impressive and would be a handy addition to any basic entomology textbook. It takes talent, patience, just the right amount of blow, and a steady hand to create beautifully pinned specimens.

Chris was kind enough to include a link to a post of mine on a blog carnival he hosted called The Moth and Me # 12. For The Moth and Me carnivals #s 1-11, check out North American Moths.

What? You don't know about blog carnivals? Me neither. I still don't really understand them. I thought I'd have to do something elaborate or fabulous, but, no, I just had to say "okay" and there you go.

My moth pics are nothing to brag about. Squirrel's View blogger has posted amazing pictures of a rosy maple moth and a giant leopard moth. Incredible!

ps 06/21/10 - I initially posted these as unidentified moths. Thanks to Chris, I've added the IDs with links above.