Tuesday, May 3, 2011

unidentified caterpillar ~ 05/03/11 ~ at home

unidentified woollybear caterpillar
possible Hypercombe, Grammia, or Spilosoma sp.

I just wanted to show how this little fuzzy fella freaks me out and has some odd behaviors I've never seen before. Doesn't it look like the way a monarch caterpillar makes a J-shape right before it turns into a chrysalis? Except this guy has his head up and feet down and did not pupate. As of today, May 26, as I backpost this picture taken on May 3, he's still munching at night and resting during the day. For a couple weeks there, I was home way too much to observe my caterpillars' every move. Hopefully, he'll successfully pupate and I'll be able to identify him.

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ps 06/8/11 - I'm sad to report that this caterpillar died sometime in the past week. I had hoped it was getting ready to pupate since it didn't seem to move from its daytime resting spot under some lettuce for a few days. When I started seeing tiny white flecks around its body, I worried about parasites. So, I transferred it to a fresh, clean container that I called my caterpillar ICU and it moved just a little. After a week of no more eating or movement, I believe it's dead even though it's still plump with no obvious signs of infection.

pss 10/09/12 - I wonder if this might not be a salt marsh moth (Estigmene acrea)?