Saturday, May 9, 2009

grunion greeting, 2009 #1

We attended a Grunion Greeting Workshop at the Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History. Among many informative and serious bits of information, they also showed a film clip from the 1981 horror movie Piranha II: The Spawning by James Cameron, which featured genetically modified attack fish created from grunions, piranha, and flying fish. We still laugh about this film and think we should add it to our Netflix queue.

Later that day (10:55pm-12:55am) we went out to Del Monte Beach in Monterey with a group from the workshop, including Dr. Karen Martin from Pepperdine University. She had the coolest toy - a night vision scope! A visitor from out of town compared watching grunion to watching the bulls run in Spain. I thought that was an odd comment. I hope we're not that odd.

We missed seeing the 4 scouts other people saw, because we had walked down the beach to the cement structure where we saw a night heron land briefly on the berm.